Thursday, 15 February 2018

Morning Routine - Explanation

  • What I do in the morning.
  • What time I usually finish doing my thing .
  • What’s my favourite thing to do in the morning.

Morning Explanation
Sunrises and my eyes start to open. I feel a warm embrace by the sunlight shining up over me.

Everyday I have a morning routine. In my morning routine:
  • I wake up.
  • I watch t.v.
  • I get into the shower.
  • I get change.
  • I pack my bag with I need to bring to school.
  • Than I walk to school.

When I finish doing all the important things I check the time so I can rush or I can take my time. When I get ready for school I always check the time for each thing I will have to do.

My favourite thing to do when I always get ready is when I get changed for school because I know what I need and what I need to put on.

Now the sunset is down and my eyes are closing before themselves and my morning routine is down and now I can go to school and learn new things.

Our learning yesterday was about an explanation that I made on a Google Doc about what I do in the morning. On the top I have three sentences that is giving away a bit of my three paragraphs. What I really like about this Google Doc is that It has information about what I do in the morning and because it is an explanation. If you do not know what a explanation it is when you explain the subject that is your title in a introduction,three paragraphs and a conclusion you can also use onomatopoeia or metaphor and more.

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