Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Hunted Adventure No Return

The haunted adventure no return!!!

There was a girl who enjoyed going to the library, her name was Isabella.
She always got mocked in other words by bullies.
After school she would always go to her favourite place the library,
because no one could touch or mock her. She would always go to the library
and issue more than one book. After the library she would always go to her
very own secret hideout, where she kept all of her books. The book she really
likes is Harry potter or Alice  in wonderland. But when she reads it she always
finds a mystery and she tries to find out more about it. Than she heard there was
this haunted library with books no one has never seen before.
This just wanted Isabella
to find out more about this spooky library.
But when both of her feet touched the dirty
sticky carpet there was no turning back. But Isabella was trying to open t
he doors
but it didn’t work so she tried to say help me help me but than she died.
So she
gave up and no one saw her ever again.  That was the end of Isabella life
for all eternity.

Our learning today was writing. What we did for writing was we got to do a charter description. What we did was we got to describe a young girl with heaps of books around her. What my charter description is about is a young girl who would always get bullied and who went to a creepy libaray. What I really like about this is that I got to make my one about her having a happy life but than turning it into a scary life. 

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