Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How Does WiFi Work

How Does WIFI Work

WiFi contains many things. It can contains codes, light and call waves but you can’t see the light because WiFi is a type of light. Now let’s go on the journey and learn about WiFi.

Light can be used for many things but things can be as the same as light. People can be wondering where is the light for WiFi. Well WiFi is a type of light and how it is a type of light is because the light comes from the call waves and connects it with the WiFi.

People sometimes wonder what are digital waves for? Or How can we use call waves?. Well digital waves are not waves they are actually binary codes being sent to your device.

How do codes work?. Well people think that codes are only for people who hack but they our false. So now we must find out how codes can work for peoples WiFi. How codes work is they are connected to a cable than connected to the radio waves than the codes go into your WiFi and that’s when the WiFi becomes the light.

See WiFi can contain many things. It doesn't just let you go on YouTube or Facebook. It can contain much more. Now it is the end of learning extra information about WiFi.
The subject that we have been working on is writing. What I did for writing is I got to write a explanation about the internet in other words WIFI. What we did was we got to explain what WIFI is all about. What an explanation is that it explains what the title is about and it gives you heaps of detail. What I really like about my explanation is that I got to write a explanation on how WIFI works and that it is not just something you go on to watch YouTube or play games.

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