Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Activity 1 - Rainbow's End

Today I have been doing a holiday blogging challenge and it is based on rainbow's end. This was my first activity for the first day and I really enjoyed doing this fun activity. This was really fun because I got to make a DLO about rainbow's end and got to learn more about it as well.


  1. Hi Magenta
    Great job completing activity one. I like the information on your DLO. Next time you should think about the colour and font size of your DLO.
    Great Work Magenta!

  2. Hi Magenta. You did a great job on finishing your first activity. You have done a great start. I like the different colours you used t make it look bright and colourful. Great work, I am looking forward to seeing your future posts from the Holiday Blogging Challenge.

  3. Hi Magenta
    I am so happy that you have joined the Hoilday Programe. I hope you are having fun. YOUR DOING GREAT!!

  4. Hi Magenta!
    Great job on finishing one of your activitys

  5. Hello Magenta, it is great to see that you have decided to participate in our Holiday Blogging Challenge. I like how you have found lots of information about Rainbow's End but you have forgot to write down how much a family pass would cost and how much it would cost for your family to go. Anyways you are doing great so keep it up.

  6. Hi Magenta!
    Great job on completing this activity! Although you have the same DLO as Chavda, only with a few colours changed. I have a question as well: Who copied who?
    Great work!

  7. Hi Magenta I am Ava, I really like the Rainbows End slideshow that you did, and I also like how you put every single bit of information about it. I've been to Rainbows End and I went on all of the rides it’s really cool there, and my favoyrite was Gold Rush. But maybe next time make the font bigger because it’s kind of hard to read. bye