Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Flextangle A4

Our focus for today was maths. What we did for maths was we got to make a Flextangle A4 or a Flextangle A3. I really liked this fun activity because we got to color one row a different color and the other row a different color as well. The thing I have learnt about this was how to make a Flextangle A4 and a Flextangle A3. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Our focus for today was cyber smart. This DLO will show you guys what keywords mean. I really find this fun because I got to learn something new by doing this DLO.

Choking Poster

Our focus for today was doing a poster on what to do when someone is choking. If you don't know how to help people when they are choking read my poster and than you will know what to do. I hope this could help you to help others in need.

The car activity

Our focus for today was to create a poster about what I would bring if I get stuck on the side of the road. The things that I would importantly need is gas and tools. I really like this activity because I get to put some pictures of what I think and what I would need when my car is stuck on the side of the road. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rewindble Learning

Our focus for today was dance and rewindable learning. After morning tea we had to practice a dance for the end of the term. What we had to do is get into our three dance groups that we got put in and then worked on our dance we did in are  group then we had to play the music called footloose and dance to the music with  the choreography that Zoe gave us yesterday.  I think this was fun because we got to learn a cool and fun dance before the term finished. What rewindable learning means is that you can practice and watch something over and over again.    


Our Focus for today for writing is on idioms. What we had to do is  make a DLO about 8 examples of an idiom and than we had to put one idiom and write the meaning and a example. My Idiom is icing on the cake. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Dad meets the Martians

Retell the story of the poem in two sentences.
A flying saucer landed in the driveway last night they took dad on a ride in the saucer.

What could the storyteller not explain?
The storyteller could not explain how the dad drives a saucer and the martians can drive a ford.

List three of the interesting verbs from the poem.
The three verbs from the poem our drive,important and address.

List three of the contractions from the poem and then write them out in full.
The three contractions from the poem our
He’ll - He will
I’d - I would
They’d - They would

Our focus for today was to read a poem called Dad meets the Martians. I had to look carefully at the questions and the poem so I don't get the wrong answer. This really helped me to improve on getting my answers correct and not wrong.