Monday, 6 August 2018


Today in the  morning we got to do HIIT. What we did for HIIT was get into lines and than follow are leaders before we got into doing the real excises. Our leaders were Zane, Tiava and Mataio. What we did for warm up was walk on the spot and run. What we did next was do three rounds of star jumps, Tap steps and high knees sprint. What my goal was to get myself into red. What I really like about HIIT is when we get motivate to push our self more hared to get ourselves to red. What we got to do next was try and get puff.

Wheel Words

Today my group got to do a blog post about wheel words. What we did was try to create words by using the middle letter but needs to be between 4 and 9 letter words. I have got 10 words correct and used one hint. What I really like about Wheel Words is that I get to learn a new word.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook Island

This week we were creating a DLO about Cook Island language week. We needed to included there Traditional Dances, Information About Tattoos, Interesting facts about cook island, Traditional Food, Map and Do You Need A Visa To Travel To The Cook Islands? My group was Jeremiah, Te pounamu, Lyric, and Magenta. We also did and coversation in cook island

Friday, 27 July 2018


Our focus for this morning was about careers. What we did was we got to go on this site called career quest. The career that I got was a data analyst What we got to do was answer 78 questions. What I really like about learni ng about careers is we get to learn more about different jobs that we didn't know about.

Thursday, 26 July 2018


For math we have been learning how to use algorithms by using our addition and place value. What we did we we answered question that involved us using our addition but also using are place value strategy. The question that we have created have been very challenging. As I have an word problem and a example with and explanation to show my understanding.

Kiwi Can

Today we go to do Kiwi Can. What we did was kiwi can is learn our new topic and theme. The topic was reliance and our theme was Goal setting. What we did next play two games. The first one was called horse and donkeys. What we got to do for that game was get into pairs and than when the caller says  horse you walk than when the caller says donkey you got to run fast to go to your pattern. The second game was to  try and get hoopla in one of the cones.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Get Wise - ASB

Today in the morning we got to do something called Get Wise and how to use your money wisely. The person who was explaining how to use your money wisely was Jayden from ASB. What ASB is it is a bank that keeps your money save or gives you money when you put your card in. What we did for it was Jayden was explaining us how we can use our money wisely and not waste it . Like we could buy on something important like for your house. What we did next was we got to play a game. What we did for the game is we went in different groups. Next we got to have fake money by using 100 dollars. Next each group got pretend that they were going to take a trip to Fiji and we got to see if we could spend our money wisely. My group was group 3.