Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Jet Boat

Today we did a team challenge which included only 4 people in each group. Our topic that we researched about was a famous kiwi inventor. As a group Nyjah, Joel, Chavda and me agreed on the same inventor which was Bill Hamilton. We created a DLO to show how this inventor created the first jet boat. The first jet boat that was created was named after Bill Hamilton last name. We created our own characters to show a conversation between a reporter and Bill Hamilton. Today the Hamilton jet is displayed at the maritime museum. 

Monday, 10 December 2018

Steampunk Art

Today we got to finish off our DLO about Victorian children at work. What I did for my DLO was I picked one job that the children do and this job is called Chimney Sweep.This DLO shows one of the jobs that the children do out of ten jobs. This DLO was followed by my Steampunk art DLO. What I did for my Steampunk DLO was write a definition about Steampunk and write one interesting fact about Queen Victoria. What I also did was draw a picture that is related to Steampunk art but also change it up a bit. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Maori Battalion Badge

In inquiry we have been creating medals for soldiers that fought in the Maori battalion. What we also did was we got to choose a soldier that was in the Maori battalion and write why we would give our badge to them. What I really like about this DLO is how we got to create a badge.

Tech - Art

Today we had our last session for tech. What my group was doing was art. What we did for art was we made an original drawing that was based on our culture. What we did next was make three other drawing that is the same as our original drawing and paint over it. The colors we used was the paint colors  that we got to use on our three other drawings. The two colors that we must use on our drawing was White and yellow. The other colors I have used was Light and dark blue, red and orange. What we also did was use a small wood board that we had to put our original drawing on it and then curve it out at the end of each color we did. What I really like about art is how we can be creative and chose colors that matches our patterns.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Maori Pioneer Battalion Timeline

For inquiry we got to learn more about the Maori battalion and also create a timeline. What this timeline is about is how brave the men were when they fought in WW1 through out the years. The people I have been working with is Joel, Joshua V and Marieta. What we also did was put our information that we found on different sites and create a timeline about The Maori pioneer battalion and also write what happened in the start and write what happened at the end.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Athletics Day

Today we got to have athletics and the whole school took part in it. There were heaps of activities. We were all set into four teams. The teams we had was Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. The team I was in was red. What I think  my team showed was teamwork, encouragement and sportsmanship. The actives I really enjoyed was Rob the nest and shot put. My favorite activity was The Sponge Race. In the afternoon there were sprints and the people that took part did very good and ran really fast. Thank you to the Tamaki College students that were helping us with the activities and to the parents for supporting us and to the staff. What I really like about athletic day is we get to have fun and we can also be competitive at the same time. The activities  we played were rob the nest, hurdle, sponge relay, shot pot, discus, lifesaver, egg and spoon race, rest/dance station, long jump, and the Frisbee race. The people that were in my team were Savelina, Nevaeh, San Kyaw, Joshua W and Tai.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

A dog called homeless

Today we got to finish off some of our book week activities. What I did was I got one of my favorite books and then get the ending of the book I am doing. What I did next was I made my own ending to this book. The reason why I did this book is because it is very interesting and it is based on a dog called homeless. What I really like about doing this activity is how the activities are interesting.