Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Chinese New Year Explanation

Chinese New Year is special to the Chinese culture because everyone comes
together to celebrate and spend time with each other. Each year is named
after an animal.This year is the year of the dog. The dog represents
responsibility and seriousness.  

Chinese New Year is when all the families come together as one. They make
egg rolls, shrimp and noodles. In China the egg rolls represent the bars of
gold, the shrimp represent the happiness and the noodles represent long life
(if the noodle is long that means you will have a long life but if you cut it
you will have a short life). During this festival people give
Hong Bao to children and unmarried adults. In this red envelope there is
money to symbolize good luck and wealth.

People around the world celebrate Chinese New Year on the first
new moon of the year (which lasts for 15 days). On the last day they
light their lanterns to remember the ones who have passed on and to keep the
bad spirits away.

Each year we celebrate one of the 12 animals of the Chinese New Year.
There are 12 animals because the Jade Emperor didn’t know which animal to
choose so he set a race to see which order the years would be celebrated in.
This year we’re going to be celebrating the year of the earth dog. If there is a
person born in 2018 he/she might have the personality of an earth
dog, eg: would be responsible and serious.   

Chinese New Year brings people together. They decorate their houses in red
and gold, light fires, let of fireworks and wear red to continue to keep Nian,
the monster away.

Our learning today is about the Chinese New Year and how this festival is celebrated. We worked with a partner to write notes and then use those notes to write an explanation. Viva and I were worked together to do this task collaboratively. We used a new word Mrs Anderson taught us to help us plan our writing and the word was TIIC. What the word stands for is title, introduction, information and conclusion. What I really like about this is that I got to learn about information that I never knew about Chinese New Year and i now know why people wear the colour red, use fireworks and bang the drum to make loud noises during this time.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Place Value

Our learning yesterday was about how to use place value and also to make a DLO about place value and how to solve it. What Nickaela and I did was me and her mad a DLO how we solved a question using our placed value. What I really like about this was that we got to do place value again and we got to create a DLO as well.

First Lesson In Graphics

Today we went down to Tamaki College for our first day back. What we did was we all got spilt up in  new groups and moved to different groups and one group went to mental work and another group went to art and my group went to graphics. What we did in graphics was we are going to be making 3D printed mobile phone holder. We also went on a google images search to make a college on all about 
me or in a shorter version me. What I really like tech is that we got to find some images and make a college.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Kiwi Can

In the morning we had Kiwi Can with Miss Lily and Mr Matt they were a kiwi can teachers for the whole year. What we did for kiwi can is learn about encouragement. What encouragement means is you need to encouragement each other and be positive not negative. Than we played a game called change places if... and the other game was called Ball tag. What I really like about kiwi can is that I got to work with my team mates and try to win and than we did and I was really happy.

Morning Routine - Explanation

  • What I do in the morning.
  • What time I usually finish doing my thing .
  • What’s my favourite thing to do in the morning.

Morning Explanation
Sunrises and my eyes start to open. I feel a warm embrace by the sunlight shining up over me.

Everyday I have a morning routine. In my morning routine:
  • I wake up.
  • I watch t.v.
  • I get into the shower.
  • I get change.
  • I pack my bag with I need to bring to school.
  • Than I walk to school.

When I finish doing all the important things I check the time so I can rush or I can take my time. When I get ready for school I always check the time for each thing I will have to do.

My favourite thing to do when I always get ready is when I get changed for school because I know what I need and what I need to put on.

Now the sunset is down and my eyes are closing before themselves and my morning routine is down and now I can go to school and learn new things.

Our learning yesterday was about an explanation that I made on a Google Doc about what I do in the morning. On the top I have three sentences that is giving away a bit of my three paragraphs. What I really like about this Google Doc is that It has information about what I do in the morning and because it is an explanation. If you do not know what a explanation it is when you explain the subject that is your title in a introduction,three paragraphs and a conclusion you can also use onomatopoeia or metaphor and more.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Mascot Comparison

Yesterday Fui, Zane and I Have been working on a DLO. My DLO is about comparing this year mascot and another year mascot for the winter Olympics. What I really liked about this DLO was that I got to learn new mascots for the winter Olympics.

Making Connections

Today for reading I made a DLO on making connections. For my making connections I have three boxes and in those three boxes I have text to text,text to world and text to self. What I really enjoyed about making this DLO was that I got to write about snow.