Sunday, 20 May 2018

Word Cline

Today we got to do a Word Cline that was based on one word. What we did was pick on word than change it to more powerful words. The person I have been working with is Joel. The word Joel and I have chosen was active. What Word Cline means is one word building  into more powerful words while moving up the Word Cline. What I really like about my Word Cline is I got to use more powerful words.

Saturday, 19 May 2018


On Thursday we got to make a DLO on what metaphor means. My favorite metaphor is "Her heart is gold". What I did for my DLO was do some examples and do what metaphor means. What I really like about this DLO is that I got to pick some examples to do and be creative with this. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tech reflection

Today we went down to Tamaki college and went to three different stations. One of them were graphics, art and pewter casting. What my group did was graphics. What my group did for graphics was we got to draw our design we were going to make with the 3D printer and than colour it. What I choose to make was Bay - Max from the movie Big Hero six. What I really like about graphics is we can make any design of our choose for a phone holder and we even get be creative with it.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Kiwi Sports

Today we got to play touch for kiwi sports. What we did in kiwi sports was we went into three teams and two teams got to vs each other while the other team could watch. Each team had 8 players in it. The team that kept on winning was the non bibs. The other game we played was when we got to practice our passing skills. What I really like about this kiwi sports lesson was how we showed good sportsmanship. 

Kiwi Can

Today in the morning Group A went to kiwi can. The people who were teaching were Mrs Lilly and Mr Matt. The theme was about integrity and the topic was on how to make good choose and how you can solve bad choose, What we did was we played two games opposites and dough ball. How you play opposites is if the person who is leading puts there hand in you got to do the opposites ( put your hand out). How you play dough ball is you have to throw at the other team to win but if you get hit you are out. What I really like about kiwi can is how we all work as a team.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

2 day wonder

Winter-verse 1
Yesterday morning I woke up moaning with anger my feet were
still and there was no sound that I could hear from
outside.I stared outside the window looking
at how hazy it looked
outside, birds were asleep, streets were
silent and no sign of people walking on a quiet
day. My feet were freezing in bed and I couldn't smell
anything coming from the kitchen.

Summer- verse 2
Today I woke up feeling Indulgent and light hearted that my infection
has disappear I got out of bed and ran
to my uniform that was hanging
delightfully on the line. I had smelled my
breakfast coming towards
my room so I ran too the kitchen and I ate my breakfast
outside feeling the nice breeze

and I could see my bike waiting nicely by the garage.

Our learning today was to write a poem about how we would of felt if we were unwell and when we feel better the next day. The person I have been working with was Joel. What Joel and I did was write how we would of felt if we were sick and we felt better the next day. What I really like about this poem is it explains how people feel when they are sick and when they feel better.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body System

Today for inquiry we got to learn more about the human body. What we got to do is play a game about the human body. How you play this game is you have to put all the parts were it needs to go. What I really like about this is I got to learn more about the human body.