Monday, 15 October 2018

Formal and informal writing

Formal -

It is my opinion that this litter is a health hazard. For example, yesterday a year 4 boy fell over and cut his hand on a broken bottle. The boy in question needed four stitches

Informal -

How are you?. I’ve been dead busy since your last letter. We have to work really hard at school to get ready for our PAT tests.

Today we got to do reading. What we did was see what you should and should not put in a formal and informal writing. What formal means is when having the form or appearance without the spirit and what informal means is when you are having a friendly or relaxed manner. What I have done was take a informal and formal sentences and turn it to examples. What I really like about this task is it shows us what the difference is between informal and formal.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Problem Solving

Today we got to finish off our DLO about problem solving. The person I have been working with  is  Nickaela. What we did was explain and also give an example to go with it. What I really like about creating this DLO is it helps me more with my problem solving.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Spaghetti Bridges

Today we got to do spaghetti bridge testing. What we did was we first check the span witch means cm. My group span was 28 cm. For this we got to make a plan so we can know how we can make it and know how much spaghetti and rubber bands. We also put bricks inside and my group bridge could only could hold on to one brick. The people I have work with is Sky, Mele , Marieta. What I really like about making bridges is we get to learn that bridges can be made out of different objects. 

Word Finding

Today for reading my group Ponui and Pakatoa were learning about features of a visual book that are in the same series of books. The features on these two book was the caption or the inset. What we did first was looked for different parts in the book so we can put labeled arrows on it. The books we were reading was Manmade World and People on Earth. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today we got to have Duffy Assembly. What we did was have a wonderful Samoan guy that loved reading and his name was Micheal Mulipola. What he did was talk about how he loved reading. He also loves Green Lanton and he loves playing Tekken. He also illustrated and made school journal and also made a comic.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Bridges Explanation

Why do people build bridges

People wonder when they drive past or when they see the bridge
open and close repeatedly  like doors shutting when you walk in and out.

The reason why people build bridges is because people can go
mode faster to there destination and there is no traffic lights.
Another reason why is because you can see a better view of the sea.

People also wonder what kind of bridges there are and there
is an arch bridge, brooklyn bridge, golden gate bridge, suspension
bridge but for it to be a bridge it needs something to protect or stable the bridge.

People wonder why would they take all there time to just build a
bridge but they build the bridge for many reasons and how can
boats go past but they never remember that bridges can open and

People now know why people build bridges and it is important
why we have bridges.

Today for writing we got to finished off our explanation about bridges. What I did was I explained in different parts about bridges. What I also did was write what kind of bridges there were.

Wheel Worda

Today for reading my group got to do Wheel Words. What wheel words is is when you get to use the middle letter in every word you make or in other words create. The middle letter I use was T. What I really like about Wheel Words that I get to learn interesting words. I find it harder when I needed to look for some words. I got 3 out of 34.