Tuesday, 23 May 2017

read theory

Today in read theory I have read a book called My family. If you guys look at the photos I have put on it is all the question I have got right.

Read theory

Today I have done read theory for reading. I have read and answered heaps of different books and I kept  getting passing scores.  I was so happy when I got a good score for read theory because that means that I am improving and I can go to a more better level.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Place Value DLO

Today I have done a place value DLO. I have been doing this DLO in Mrs Anderson group. We have been learning this for heaps of weeks. What I have done here is that I am  using My Time Tables and My Place Value.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Today I had dance with half of my class we have been doing this every Thursday. I was working with Mrs Linda and Ma'ata we were teaching half of the class our dance. We were trying to do a free flow and bound flow. Free flow means moving from our bones and looks like we are made of rubber. Bound flow means you are moving from your muscles and looks like a robot. We learned other new movemenst like curve shapes and twisted shape and lastly straight shapes. When we did dance it was fun when I was the teacher because other people learned a new movement and I learnt a new movement.

Making Connections

Today I have been doing  my Making Connections for my reading. This will show you guys what making connections is all about.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Respected Leader

Today me and Shakaia have been working on a Google Drawing about who is a respected leader. The people we have choose is Mia and Zahra. Me and Shakaia have been doing this for our care award to get are respect award. This will show you guys why Mia and Zahra are good leaders.

Belonging at PBS

 Today me and Shakaia have been working on a Google Drawing about what we do at Panmure Bridge School. Me and her have been putting  information on this template about Panmure bridge School and putting photos of us when we are at Tech and at school.