Friday, 31 March 2017


Today I went tech this morning I was so happy because I was all most finished.

Read Theory

Today I have been doing Read Theory and I haven't been on read theory for a long time so it was challenge. On my second  go I got 100%.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Futsal and Tennis

 Today I have been doing this DLO on what My class have been doing at Futsal and Tennis.

Activity group collage


This collage shows some of the fun challenges and activities my group did at camp. My favourite activity was archery because I had never used a bow and arrow before. It was fun trying to hit the target.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Photo Story

Today I have been doing an photo story about what I have been doing at camp.This will tell you what I did first  and what I did at the end.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Flying Kiwi

On the 23rd of March in the afternoon my class got to pick which camp activity we would like to go back to and I picked flying kiwi over the other activities. When I got there I wanted to go back to the deck because I was so scared but it was too late. I got my number I was about to go first.But I did not want to so my friend switch places with me so I was second. I was so happy I could jump up and down.

When it was my turn and I went to put my harness on it was too late to run back to the deck.So when Joe the instructor said am I ready that is when I know The wings people are  going to pull me up and when Joe was counting from 3 I was scared so he said the 3,2,1 then everyone was pulling me and I was in the air screaming and trying to fly like a bird.

Than it was round two I was so scared.Than I heard the countdown and when it was on 3 they pulled me while I was running and when I got to the air I started to swing in the air back and forward.

Blurb: Today I have been writing a recount about what I have been doing at camp.This recount is about what I did for my last rotation at camp. This was one of my great activity that I did at camp as well. This was a 5 minutes of my snapshot about camp.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Why our blog is unique

Our blogs are interactive  websites where you can see other people’s learning and thinking. Our blogs have a global audience which means it is viewed from lots of places around the world. Are you aware all blogs are not the same?

The blogs we have  keep a record of our learning over time and show what we have been doing in class. They are unique because we post different things. For example people from different countries may have different views, videos and comments than me or you.

Do you want to  know why my blog is unique? My blog shows that I understand what task I was given. When I had to post something on my blog for the first time I was really nervous because I didn't know what people would say about my work.

We were confident enough to write and post our very first blog post.  We learnt how to create and share our  work from our teachers that have been  teaching us from year 4. It is great to share our learning with the global audience.
Have you ever wondered why we have a blog? That is because we are all unique in our own way and we have different thinking to anybody else. Are you aware that you can never throw away your blog but you can throw away your books.

Today I have been working with shakaia on this work sheet. We have been working on why our blogs our unique. Me and shakaia have been writing a Explanation.

Here are the link to shakaia blog:Link .

People living in Auckland have been asked to conserve water

 Today I have been doing a blog post about why People living in Auckland have been asked to conserve water.This is linked to what we have been doing for our other inquiry work like water cycle and when we  were doing water care with sally.I have also use some of the 5 w's.We have been doing this topic because we have been learning about the water cycle and what conserve  means.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

E-ako maths

Today I have been doing my E-ako maths.

Hit the button

Today I have been doing my maths by going on this site called hit the button.This site is very fun and hard because you only have one minute and you have to know it.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Today I went to tech I was in wood work I an now on cutting the wood
. I am making a draw and I am in woodwork and I really had fun.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

E-ako maths

Today I have been doing e-ako maths it was easy and hard but is was fun at the same time.

E-ako Maths

Today I have been doing e-ako maths it is really fun I have been doing my problem solving.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Read Theory

 Today I have been doing this site called  read theory and I really had fun doing this. The thing I  like best about this is that you get prefect score and you learn.