Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why is it so important to keep oral storytelling alive

This will show you guys that Jorja and I have been doing a google darwing on why it is important to keep storytelling alive. This will tell you guys what my reason for  Why is it so important to keep oral storytelling alive.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning journey

1 - What do they eat - They eat cookies,nature's goodness and champ puppy.

2 - Where do they normally live - inside a house or out side the house and in there dog houses.

3 -  what kind of animal our they -  A dog.,

winter learning journey

Today I have chosen three links that is apart of the kapa haka.

winter learning journey

Today I have just finished my road trip across the cook strait and wellington and Te papa. This blog post is for the winter learning journey hope you enjoy.

Winter learning journey

Here our three facts to do when you see rubbish.

1. Pick it up,

2. throw it in the bin.

3. do not trow it on the ground.

Winter Learning Journey (comment 7)

Today I have been blogging on shakaia blog and telling her that she has done well. This is for my winter learning journey.

Winter learning jouerny

Here is a poem

My hands where shaking every where like a snake moving around. Me jumping around like a monkey than me running like there is not tomorrow.

Winter learning journey

Today I have find some facts about the whales and ho people tryed to save them. Here is one facted about them trying to save a whale.
They Tried to give them food like birds,fish and more. Here is a picture of a whaleImage result for whale

Winter Learning Journey

Today I have done a recap about what I have learned about one of the three beach.
I have picked Rangitoto Because they have a nice beach and they have alot of forest.

Winter Learning Journey

Here are 5 facts I have find out  of New Zealand?

1. Did  you know that Auckland is now the most poplar city in New Zealand.

2.  Did you also know that Auckland has the most boats in the world.

3. Auckland biggest land mark is Rangiitoto Islands.

4. That Auckland  has modern malls because it is the biggest city.

5.  Mission bay is near by Auckland if you do not know that.

Winter learning journey (comment 6)

Today I have been commenting on peoples blog for this on I have post a comment on Javeylor blog and hopefully gave her good feedback.

Winter Learning Journey (comment 5)

Today I have been blogging  on Savelina blog I have been posting up heaps of comments and I have also have putting it on my blog.

Winter Learning Journey (comment 4)

Today I have comment on Mishaan matariki work. I have enjoyed commenting on people blog and giving then feedback.

Winter Learning Journey (comment 3)

Today I have been blogging on fui bog for the winter learning journey. I have been telling her what to do next time and that she is doing a great job.

Winter learning Journey (comment 2)

Today I  have been commenting on alot of peoples blog. The was for the winter learning journey.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

5 questions for Laura

1 - What is your favorite food?

2 - Do you like any animals? 

3 - Do you see any animals around?

4 - When is your birthday?

5 -  what is your favorite drink?

Winter Learning Journey

The winter learning journey has been amazing. The thing I loved about this is that we got to learn something new about new Zealand and we got to do fun games. If you guys do not know the winter learning program is owed by Rachel.

Winter learning journey (Comment 1)

Today I have posted on Nyjah blog and gave her some feed back on her work and was giving nice feed back as well.

Winter learning Journey

What happens next here is some information - 

*sigh* The air was so fresh and I could hear animals all over. Their noise and foot steps, plus it was going dark and I could see bright tiny stars in the sky.The leaves crunched as I stepped on them. I caught attention to a cute brown kiwi. I took a  quick shot and kept going. I then had noticed a path leading to a camp. I ran towards the light to see my group! I was glad and they asked me where I was at.

Winter Learning Journey

Two reasons to not cycle - 

1. We can make boats and carpet.

2.  Less mess in our homes.

Winter learning journey

1 -  Netball

2 - Rippa Rugby 

3  -  Shopping 

4 -  playing with dogs.

5 -  Cooking

This is all of the thing my sisters likes doing out doors. 

Winter learning journey - My poem

M - Moari new year is the best.

A -  All blacks is the best kapa haka group.

T -   Tall players our in the lions.

A -  All Blacks is Awesome.

R -  Ray O'Callaghan is or not on the all blacks

I -  Is all blacks ever going to change.

K - K is one of the letters in All blacks.

I -  Is the all blacks better than the Lions.

Winter learning journey

Three events this year in NZ -

1-  Matariki

2. Maori new year

3- Easter 

Winter learning joueny

Today I will be putting some links to the best kapa haka the all black have ever done.

1. LInk 

3. Link.

Winter learning journey

1. Wishes - If or when you guys pick up 45 rubbish every day,year and month  you guys our making my wish come true and other peoples wish.

2. Power - You guys don't have powers if you throw rubbish on the ground even if is is 10 minutes a day.

3.  ever time you picked up your rubbish or other people rubbish you have a amazing dream.

Here is another task about wishes,power and dreams. Hope you guys do some of the things that is in my information.

Winter learning journey

Today I have done another task about what people sometimes do when the relax. I pick this because I sometimes like watching  t.v.

Pure New Zealand - Winter learning Journey

Three interesting facts or information about pure new Zealand.

1.  Did you know today 4.4 million  new Zealand who our also know as kiwis. 69% are European and 14.6% are Moari (indigenous),9.2% Asian and 6.9% pacific islanders.

2.  Here is another fact did you know that European were worried because they thought they were going to fall of the edge of the world.

3.  Did you know that some of the visitors who come to new Zealand they  have a passion to go out doors but some new Zealander don't.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter learning journey

Image result for possums
I think we should leave possums alone. Here our my three reasons:

1 - They might not harm you or hurt you.

2 -  They might be pets for other people.

3 - They might be kind if you leave them alone.

Winter learning journey

Today I have done another challenge for winter learning journey. And this one is all about making our own flag. I think this was the funnest activity because I got to do a flag that I thought that was a cool flag. The site I have used is flag designer.

Winter learning Journey

Today I have done the winter learning journey. One of the task is when we have to do a DLO on a old famous person. I have done Kate Sheppard in case you guys have not heard of her. I have answer some questions and The person who does winter summer learning journey is Rachel and she says that we our the schools who have been doing this program for long.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Dance DLO

On Thursdays Ma'ata and I have been working together for dance. But we had help from Mrs Linda. As you guys can see here we have put information and what we learnt about dance.

Tae Kwondo

On every Thursday we have Tae Kowndo and our teacher is Steve. What we do is we learn how to high kick and how to punch very fast. 

Current Events

Today Savelina and I have done a Google Drawing about Current Events. You will see that Savelina and I have put pictures and  information about a best kapa haka group in New Zealand.

7 or 9 or more stars

Today Savelina and I have done a google drawing about 7 or 9 or more stars. What we have done is Savelina went to find information and I went to find some photos.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tamaki Wrap

Today Jorja and I have been doing this Google Slide about Tamaki wrap and facts about how and what Tamaki wrap does. What we did was we got to do 4 actives and even got to answer 4 questions. The thing I liked about Tamaki wrap it that they do fun games and teach us new things.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Winter Solstice

Today Savelina and I have been doing an animation about the winter solstice. Savelina and I have also found some amazing and interesting facts that we didn't know about.