Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter learning Journey

What happens next here is some information - 

*sigh* The air was so fresh and I could hear animals all over. Their noise and foot steps, plus it was going dark and I could see bright tiny stars in the sky.The leaves crunched as I stepped on them. I caught attention to a cute brown kiwi. I took a  quick shot and kept going. I then had noticed a path leading to a camp. I ran towards the light to see my group! I was glad and they asked me where I was at.


  1. Hi Magenta,
    Your story was very interesting and I liked how you added a *sigh* at the start of your story.
    - Zahra

  2. Hi Magenta.
    Your poem was amazing and I liked the part that the leaves crunched as I stepped on them.
    Great Work