Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pure New Zealand - Winter learning Journey

Three interesting facts or information about pure new Zealand.

1.  Did you know today 4.4 million  new Zealand who our also know as kiwis. 69% are European and 14.6% are Moari (indigenous),9.2% Asian and 6.9% pacific islanders.

2.  Here is another fact did you know that European were worried because they thought they were going to fall of the edge of the world.

3.  Did you know that some of the visitors who come to new Zealand they  have a passion to go out doors but some new Zealander don't.

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  1. Kia ora Magenta,

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey! I am so excited to see that you are participating and want to extend a huge apology for the late commenting. Without registering we didn't know that you were participating so we didn't know to check your blog site. Fortunately, we have come across it now and will look forward to reading through all of your blogs and your comments!

    We hope that you enjoyed the journey and learned a lot about New Zealand along the way :)

    Rachel (and the Winter Learning Journey blogging team)