Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Dinner Comparison

Today we got to make a DLO on what our family eats and compare it to a oversea country. The country I have chosen to compare with was Jamaica because they have yummy food for an example Coca bread and what I like about the food I eat for my culture is mash potatoes. What we got to do on this DLO was we got to find what our country eats on Christmas day and how much it cost so the food I have chosen was Dumplings , Porridge and Coca bread. Than I got to do the same thing but what my family has than I got to see how much each food cost and than I got to add it all up together.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey

The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.

Today we got a special assembly with heaps of visitors. Than later on we had a free lunch . When we where at assembly people came and talked about the summer learning journey. The people who came where Rachel,hazel,Mr Grady and more. What I really enjoy was when Rachel was talking to us about the summer learning journey and it sounds really fun. The company that came where people form Auckland university, Rachel from the summer learning journey, Board of trustees and more. In the middle of the assembly we watch a movie that had my whole class in it and the star of this movie was Daniel Grady. My favorite bit in assembly is when people from different companies came and talk to us and when we got to watch the movie that had my whole class in it.

Holiday Problems

Today we got to do this fun activity about Christmas and it is a holiday problem activity. What we got to do for this activity was we got to solve some fun problems. My favorite problem was the last question because I solve it very quickly and I think it was the best question to answer.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Reflection about Tech

This year we have been going to tech every Friday. We went to three different session for 3 weeks and than move on to another one. The three session I went to was Food tech,Hard wood tech and Art tech. The one I mostly enjoyed was Hard wood tech because we got to learn how to make something out of wood like a house. What I made was a open draw and it had a love heart because it was made for my grandma, What I really liked about wood tech it that we could take it home and design it and give it to the person you made it for.

Google Logo Game

Today we played a game that was created by google and it is called the scratch game and it is really fun. How you got to play it is you have to add the arrow to the rabbit so it can get the carrot and not fall in the river.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Winter learning Journey - Assembly

On Friday at assembly Hazel came in and was talking about the summer learning journey and how it would be like a travel journey. Hazel even said there would be prizes like star wars lego and slime and more. What I really like about the winter summer learning journey is that I got to learn more. 

Tamaki College

On Friday we went down to tamaki college for tech and stayed there until 12:30. What we did was after the three groups finished we went in the shade to wait for our teachers to come and get us for our activities. The activity we got to do was PE , Social Studies and Robotics. The group I was in was PE and it was really fun the games we played was Samoan softball, Bench Ball and Infinite Tag. The game I really enjoyed was Samoan softball because it was just like softball but the only thing that was different was we got to hit the ball with our hands or we could kick the ball when the person is going to pass or throw it to us. The person who was teaching us was Mr Moyes.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Tech - Art

Today we went down to Tamaki Collage and split into our three groups. The three groups that we got into was Food Tech,Hard wood tech and art tech. What we did in art tech was we curved out the shapes that we had on our wood block than we put yellow ink on the woodblock three time and than put it on a piece of paper and than rolled it up in the machine and that wash the ink of and than dry it with a hair dryer. Next we use another light color and I have chosen orange and than we did three and than repeat what we have been doing with my yellow ink and than I it with pink. Than we got to repeat with other colors but I only got up to three colors. What I really liked about doing art was I got to put three different colors on and it was really pretty.