Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Dinner Comparison

Today we got to make a DLO on what our family eats and compare it to a oversea country. The country I have chosen to compare with was Jamaica because they have yummy food for an example Coca bread and what I like about the food I eat for my culture is mash potatoes. What we got to do on this DLO was we got to find what our country eats on Christmas day and how much it cost so the food I have chosen was Dumplings , Porridge and Coca bread. Than I got to do the same thing but what my family has than I got to see how much each food cost and than I got to add it all up together.

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  1. Kia Ora Magenta

    My name is Cadence and I am part of the Summer Learning Journey blogging team! It is awesome to have you join us this summer and I can't wait to read all your amazing blog posts.

    Fantastic to see you actively blogging! I had no idea they eat dumplings in Jamaica! I love dumplings!

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    Happy blogging Magenta!

    Cadence :)