Friday, 1 December 2017

Tech - Art

Today we went down to Tamaki Collage and split into our three groups. The three groups that we got into was Food Tech,Hard wood tech and art tech. What we did in art tech was we curved out the shapes that we had on our wood block than we put yellow ink on the woodblock three time and than put it on a piece of paper and than rolled it up in the machine and that wash the ink of and than dry it with a hair dryer. Next we use another light color and I have chosen orange and than we did three and than repeat what we have been doing with my yellow ink and than I it with pink. Than we got to repeat with other colors but I only got up to three colors. What I really liked about doing art was I got to put three different colors on and it was really pretty.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Magenta,
    Pleasing to see that you understand the process of Reduction Printmaking. Great layers of multiple colours. Thank you very much for cleaning up the materials.
    Enjoy your holidays and be safe.
    Mrs Telefoni