Friday, 17 November 2017

Police Man&Police Dog/ Helicopter Man

In the afternoon we went on the top field at are school. We got to watch the helicopter land and afterwords we got to see it take off. For the seconded bit we got to see the police man and he was asking little kids or older kids  facts to see who knows the answer to it. Next they brought out the police dogs and show the whole school what they do and how they can smell the person and they also showed us what the dog can do. What I really enjoyed about this was I got to see a police dog and I got to see what the police dog can do.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tech - Art

Today we went down to tamaki collage. What we got to do was get into our three groups and go to where we were meant to go to and I went to art. What we were doing was we where finishing of coloring or curving out our wood block with our drawings on it. What we did next was we got to put yellow ink over it and start rubbing the yellow ink on top of it. Than after that we got to wash off the yellow ink and than dry it. What I really liked doing at tech for art was that I got to carve and I am almost finished. When we finished putting the yellow ink on the paper is we than put it between two big pieces of paper on it and than  put it on this machine and than we have to make three and that wash the ink of are woodblock.

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday we went to Sylvia park to watch other schools movies. The movies my school have seen is Pt England school,Tamaki Primary school and Panmure Bridge School. We went there for the manaiakalani film festival and it was there 10th annual. The movie I have really enjoyed from watching each school is "The battle of GI" by Pt England, "The place I call home" by Tamaki primary school and "Bad Feeling" by Panmure Bridge School. We also have been doing blog commenting on there blogs as well. What this film festival was about is that every school that is in the manaiakalani cluster gets to make a movie and than share it to other schools at Sylvia park for an example Pt England might be sharing there movie with us. But my favorite movie was "The Battle of GI" By Pt England.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Today we got to make a DLO on a animal that stars with the first letter of are name and I have picked Manatees. What I like about manatees is that they kind of look like seals. What I really enjoyed about making this DLO is that I got to learn about a animal that I have not heard of before.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Firework Safety

Today I have been working on a DLO for how to keep safe around fireworks. What I have done was I have find information and facts about keeping safe when you are near fireworks. The fact I really like about my DLO is to keep your pets inside at all times. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How children learn at school?

How children learn at school?

Why is it important to talk in class? The reason why we talk in class is so we can take risks and try new things.

It is important to listen in class so you know what you're learning about. And we can also explore new things so that we know what is the right thing and what is the wrong thing to do.

It is important for the juniors to follow there role model in school. So that we can learn from each other and we can give feedback to the juniors if they want feedback.

If you don't understand anything you should ask a question to your friend or a teacher. The reason why it is good to ask questions is so people can know what you think and so you can learn from other people.

The reason why we should learn at school is so we can learn new skills and use are ability to think.

Today we got to finished of our explanation about How children learn at school?. The person who I have been working with is Sakae and Sakae and I have done a list of words we should do in are explanation and we have tried to look for simple but powerful words e.g ability or skills. What I have enjoyed about doing this was I got to write what I think about How children learn at school?