Tuesday, 27 February 2018

`Venn Diagram - Compairsion

Our learning today was based on inquiry. What we got to do was we got to compare panmure bridge school and the Winter Olympics. Next we got to put what is the same in the middle (Both)  then we got to contrast (see what is different). What I really like about making this DLO is that I got to learn that the Winter Olympics have a motto.

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  1. Set theory is so amazing that I can still remember how we did it in math class. We've been using venn diagrams for different purposes all alone. Compare and contrast and quiz type venn diagrams are good examples of what I'm talking about. Examples templates are the best way to understand these things. You can find more ready to use (customizable) Venn diagram templates in the diagram community of Creately. You can use and try them for free.