Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Tunnel Of The Unknown

The Tunnel of the unknown…..

There was a girl stuck in the dark, scary, black Tunnel. her name was Emily.
Emily was a strange student at her school.
Her parents couldn’t ask her if she needed help on her tests because
she would always disappear at school and before they came home from work.
when Emily runs away while the dark blue sky is out she tries to find a secret
hideout. But one night she entered a dark forest. The moon was shining down
and starts shimmering with light. The view was stunning and a sudden light shined
towards the tunnel.

Today we got to finish a setting describer on a picture called Tunnel. What we did for this was we got to write a setting describe on the picture and try to put an adjectives and similes and more. What I really liked about this was I got to
write my own setting describer and make it scary and happy.

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