Tuesday, 15 May 2018

2 day wonder

Winter-verse 1
Yesterday morning I woke up moaning with anger my feet were
still and there was no sound that I could hear from
outside.I stared outside the window looking
at how hazy it looked
outside, birds were asleep, streets were
silent and no sign of people walking on a quiet
day. My feet were freezing in bed and I couldn't smell
anything coming from the kitchen.

Summer- verse 2
Today I woke up feeling Indulgent and light hearted that my infection
has disappear I got out of bed and ran
to my uniform that was hanging
delightfully on the line. I had smelled my
breakfast coming towards
my room so I ran too the kitchen and I ate my breakfast
outside feeling the nice breeze

and I could see my bike waiting nicely by the garage.

Our learning today was to write a poem about how we would of felt if we were unwell and when we feel better the next day. The person I have been working with was Joel. What Joel and I did was write how we would of felt if we were sick and we felt better the next day. What I really like about this poem is it explains how people feel when they are sick and when they feel better.

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