Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can

Today in the morning Group A went to kiwi can. The people who were teaching were Mrs Lilly and Mr Matt. The theme was about accountable and the topic was on integrity, What we did was we played two games two truth one lie and copy me. How you play two truth one lie is you need to the one lie and try and see if the other people can guess it. How you play copy me while you are using the card is when you get a  card that has 1 - 10 you have to copy me is  what ever the number you take from one of the Kiwi Can teachers you and your group has to copy what ever is on the board. E.g number 6 was you had to do a fortnite dance. What uncountable mean is to show ownership and not lie and blame other people. Where I see accountability at my school is when people come to school on time or when they bring there PE to school. What value means is when something is worth to you. What we also learnt in Kiwi Can is we got to explore how we can be honest and show integrity. 

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